Geschäft Special feed: decision between natural or artificially laid sausage

Special feed: decision between natural or artificially laid sausage

Food is a breed of their own and offer a big taste to breastfeed the palette. Most people automatically think of pasta or breaded objects when they discuss this cultural special feed. Wurst is a versatile special value that is often used to create great dishes. Many companies offer the traditional products based on pork, but now also create  sausage casing based on chicken base in order to meet the requirements for more health -conscious consumers.

Various spices are contained with the minced meat to produce spicy, sweet and mild products. Special products that are native to culture can include SopPressata, Mortadella, Cotechino and Ciauscolo. Each has its own ingredients for a certain taste.

Natural sausages: advantages and disadvantages of the housing style

Natural sausages are made by placing ground meat in a housing. A housing can consist of natural or artificial materials. Collagen, cellulose and other objects usually form an artificial housing. The housing must be cut off the sausage before eating, since it only serves as a protective measure for the meat. Mass producers usually use artificial housings based on the cost savings that they achieve against natural methods, and a printed company logo can be contained and color coded on the package. Most manufacturers prefer these products because they do not have to be cooled and due to the strength and the uniform form that they deliver.

Cases for natural sausages are often made from animals such as sheep or cattle. The suitcases are cleaned, placed in salt and then stored until use. These materials can be used for almost any sausage product. Many people prefer this type of wrapping for smoked sausages because it shrinks while cooking and makes it aesthetic. Collagen covers come from beef skins and are to be eaten. It is advantageous because the tube for all types of roles is actually easier to size.

Smaller housings typically come from sheep, while larger rollers use pig sleeves. Beef is found more often in Salami or Bologna. Collagen and synthetic methods can absorb many Sausage Casing sizes. Natural methods do not offer a uniform size, have to be cooled and are a little more expensive to use. Synthetic housing can sit on the shelf longer and have no size restrictions. Customers see these articles more often in shops because there are not enough natural products to keep up with the demand from consumers. However, specialties for grocery stores are more flexibility for the offer of natural products.

What is the meaning of these two types of sausage housings for customers? Natural products let the sausage breathe and deliver better flavors when smoking or cooking the meat. It also creates an aromatic product that has more consistency together with a more pleasant visual appearance. Collagen housing have great strength, smoking well, shrinking with the meat and do not have to be cooled. Both offer better flavors than artificial housings.

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